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Ocean Skin
Daily Extra Sensitive Acne Cream

Acne cream to reduce inflammation and shield your skin from pollution


new formula 2022

OCEAN SKIN Daily extra sensitive acne cream
reduce inflammation of acne with skin protection to prevent new acne emergence

“The cream is light to the maximum. reduce inflammation of acne Ready to coat the skin to prevent new acne emergence “

Product Highlights:
Reduce problems and the cause of acne reduce inflammation of acne and stimulate acne scars to look shallower It also increases the brightness and moisture of the skin to the maximum. and adjust the skin color to be consistent
Sea Fern, the power to reduce inflammation of the skin from acne. Ready to control oil throughout the day, reducing acne.
Chlorella Vulgaris Extract restores the skin from acne to make the skin healthier than ever. and prevent new acne breakouts
PHYCOSACCHARIDE AC helps control the sebaceous glands. Reduce the problem of large pores and chronic acne, as well as repair and add collagen to the skin to be healthy soon.
Hyaluronic Acid adds moisture to the skin to the maximum, leaving the skin full of water, juicy, clear.

“Say goodbye to acne and and enlarged pores forever.”

• Oil control more than before x 3 times
• Reduce the problem of redundant acne x 3 times.
• Safe for sensitive skin x 3 times more.
• Absorbs quickly and deeply x 2 times
• Moisturized skin x 2 times.
• Reduce dark spots on the face.
• Reduce wrinkles and scars from acne.
• Pores are tighter than ever.
• Does not leave any oiliness on the face.

non sticky
no paraben
no steroids
no perfume ingredients
no alcohol
No acids or vitamin A derivatives
no synthetic colors
no oil
no silicone
Does not clog, does not cause acne
does not contain any harmful substance


Apply the product on acne area in the morning and evening