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Ocean Skin
Daily Speedy Cleansing Water
250ml | 100ml

Speedy cleansing product to balance skin condition for completely clean skin without any make-up


New formula 2022

Ocean Skin Daily Cleansing water
All makeup ready to balance the skin

Technology that deeply removes residue on the face. Combining the value of Micellar technology and cleaning technology to the skin level.
Contains Allantion ingredients that help prevent allergic reactions and irritation, helping to restore healthy skin cells. after skin inflammation and accelerate the stimulation of new skin cells Replaces worn out skin stimulate new skin as well as providing moisture to the skin to the maximum It is also safe for sensitive skin.

Make up, do not be afraid of damaged skin, ready for all makeup ready to balance the skin

non sticky
no paraben
no steroids
no perfume ingredients
no alcohol
No acids or vitamin A derivatives
no synthetic colors
no oil
no silicone
Does not clog, does not cause acne
does not contain any harmful substances


Drop speedy cleansing water on facial skin and wipe with cotton before rinsing out. Use regularly in the morning-evening