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Ocean Skin
Daily Speedy Miracle Deep Ocean Water Essence
150ml | 50ml | 12ml

Speedy miracle essence for glow and bright skin


New formula 2022

Ocean Skin Daily Speedy Miracle Deep Water Essence
Restores smooth, radiant skin It’s like giving birth to a new skin, looking good in 5 dimensions.

Product Highlights:
Adds smoothness and shine Combined with reborn skin with Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, combined with GP4G or Plankton from France, giving skin moisture x 10 times, combined with new skin regeneration.
Confident that you are not allergic to sensitive skin with Allantoin ingredients to prevent irritation and restore skin faster x 10 times.
“As if a new skin was born in your every night.”

• clear skin
• Reduce wrinkles and dark spots.
• Skin is smooth and white and pink.
• Reduce the cause of clogging and inflammation of the skin.
• Skin is moisturized and looks healthy.
• Pores look firmer.
• Restore and repair healthy skin cells. after inflammation
• Stimulates the creation of new skin cells. Replace problem skin cells, moisturize the skin. Helps smooth skin
• Protect sensitive skin.
• Helps to eliminate dead cells. and stimulate new skin cells
• Provide 72 hours of hydration.
• Inhibit melanin production in the skin safely. No side effects in damaging the skin
• Safe for sensitive skin x 3 times more.

non sticky
no paraben
no steroids
no perfume ingredients
no alcohol
No acids or vitamin A derivatives
no synthetic colors
no oil
no silicone
Does not clog, does not cause acne
does not contain any harmful substances


Drop in hand palm and slap all over your face softly in the morning and before bedtime without rinsing.