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Ocean Skin
Collagen Mask Sheet

The mask with the formula to increase the collagen in order to let the skin to rise to be looked younger than the real age.

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The mask product which will nourish the facial skin including nourishing to let the facial skin to be fit and smoothly. This will let the skin to rise to be looked younger. This will revive the dark skin to be brighten again.

Important components:

  • The extract from EPS Seafill P, the sea plankton from Brittany region of France. This will increase the collagen.
  • Hyaluronic Acid.



This will wash the face to have the cleanness. This will put the mask sheet to be fit enough with the face and this will remove the white sheet out including massaging lightly for letting the nourishing substance to infuse into the skin. This shall use for 1-2 times per week continuously for the highest efficiency.