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Ocean Skin
Daily Whitening Plus Collagen Cream
50ml | 7ml

The nourishing cream mixing with the collagen formula for the brighten skin in order to have the brighten skin with the pink color. This will be looked radiant.


New formula 2022

Ocean Skin Daily Whitening Plus Collagen Cream
Collagen nourishing cream for radiant skin For radiant, pinkish-looking skin
The cream is lighter than the original x 12 times and stimulates collagen production and increases radiance throughout the day.

Product Highlights:
Reduce wrinkles of age with Black Ginseng Extract, which is effective against free radicals and stimulates collagen under the skin to the highest level.

Skin is clearer, more luscious than ever, revealing new skin, brighter than ever with a mixture of Seagem multi collagen combined with
Sea fern
“Today’s skin is not like yesterday anymore.”
Helps the skin to be luscious Brighter than before x 12 times

• Stimulates the production of collagen. Make the skin more elastic x 12 times
• The cream penetrates into the inner skin x 12 times faster than before.
• Moisturized skin x 12 times.
• Helps in the anti-aging process more than before x 12 times.
• The cream is lighter than before x 12 times.
• Safe for sensitive skin x 3 times more.

non sticky
no paraben
no steroids
no perfume ingredients
no alcohol
No acids or vitamin A derivatives
no synthetic colors
no oil
no silicone
Does not clog, does not cause acne
does not contain any harmful substances


This will caress to all of the face and the neck to have the cleanness in every morning and every evening by having no need to wash out.