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Ocean Skin
Daily Whitening Plus Overnight Mask
50ml | 7ml

The mask gel which will nourish the night skin with the formula of the brighten skin


New formula 2022
Ocean skin whitening plus overnight mask
Night nourishing gel mask, clear skin formula.

The cream is lighter than the original x 12 times.
Long-lasting moisture while stimulating collagen production all day long with GP4G plankton from the deep sea.

Product Highlights:
“Clear skin After waking up is the miracle you desire.”
Reveal new skin at night with a mixture of Seagem multi collagen that helps add moisture and collagen to the skin.

“Clear, hydrated skin overnight”
With Jellyfish Extract, marine collagen helps skin look radiant and healthy. Create cell membranes to help maintain moisture and strength. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Thus resulting in the skin looking youthful and bright, helping to fight free radicals all day.
GP4G hydrates the skin and repairs inflamed skin to the max.
Confident that it is not allergic, even sensitive skin with Allantoin ingredient, preventing irritation and rejuvenating the skin faster x 10 times.

“Your skin this morning is brighter than last night”

– Helps the skin to be clearer x 10 times
– Stimulates collagen production Make the skin more elastic x 10 times
– The cream penetrates into the inner skin x 10 times faster than before.
– The cream is lighter than the original x 10 times.
– Cream absorbs faster than the original x10 times
– Skin is more hydrated than before x 10 times
– Safe for sensitive skin x 3 times more

non sticky
no paraben
no steroids
no perfume ingredients
no alcohol
No acids or vitamin A derivatives
no synthetic colors
no oil
no silicone
Does not clog, does not cause acne
does not contain any harmful substances


This will caress to all face and the neck to have the cleanness. This has to wait for the mask texture to soak into the skin. This has no need to wash out.