Extra Sensitive Post Acne

Post acne cream to reduce red marks, black marks and heal facial skin

10 ml. / 5ml.



Cream product for acne-prone persons helps to restore acne marks and exfoliate skin cells to reduce red marks, black marks for perfectly glow and lively skin.


Ac. Net

Consisting of 3 ingredients including Oleanolic Acid, Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid and Osmotic Gel helps to reduce acne inflammation an inhibit bacterial growth and spread.

Phycosaccharide ACG

Deep-sea brown seaweed that controls lipid glands and inhibit acne bacteria


Evens skin colors and removes red and dark marks

Hydrolized Glucosaminoglycans

retains water under skin to restore moisture effectively.

How To

Apply the product on intended area in the morning and evening